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An evolving digital toolbox for a global real estate network

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Restoring Luxury

Christie’s International Real Estate is a prestigious, invitation-only real estate network that spans 48 countries. Stemming off of the renowned Christie’s Auction House, the real estate arm cultivates strong realtor-homeowner relationships and offers some of the most beautiful properties in the world.

The homes in their portfolio are stunning, but the look and functionality of their extranet — a website agents and brokerages use to tap into the Christie’s International Real Estate network — didn’t live up to their brand. It was hard for agents to navigate and for employees to maintain. Christie’s International Real Estate brought in Postlight to make the extranet experience as sparkling, well designed, and luxurious as the properties themselves.

photo of a mansion with brick pillars and an elaborate front driveway with trees

Tapping into the User Network

One of the biggest draws of working under the Christie’s International Real Estate umbrella is the name and agent network that comes with it. The network is made up of over 130 companies, each one chosen for the work their brokerage does. Within the network, agents connect with one another to refer business, attend events and webinars, and participate in CIRE-affiliated marketing opportunities. But due to usability and organizational issues, they weren’t using the extranet to its full potential. Agents didn’t see it as a value driver, or as something that empowered them to be self-sufficient. To attract agents to the extranet, we needed to roll out a usable, elegant, network-focused tool. Now the landing page highlights agents’ Instagram feeds, a new “Network” tab cleanly displays all upcoming events and conferences, and a localized and streamlined referral system makes it easier than ever to send and receive business to and from other agents.


Trust and Close Collaboration

Postlight worked closely with CIRE employees and agents to tailor the experience to what they needed most. We organized marketing opportunities into intuitive categories that the agents were already comfortable with. In response to a recurring user permissions issue, we helped redraw the levels of access and surfaced troubleshooting routes for agents who needed to request additional permissions. Lastly, we ensured that the CMS was clean, flexible, and easy for Christie’s International Real Estate employees and agents to use now and in the future.

photo of an expansive deck with couches, an infinity pool, and the ocean in the background

The Resource Gallery, a Christie’s International Real Estate Tool

We restyled the extranet — renamed The Resource Gallery — to better fit the Christie’s International Real Estate brand and give it a wash of luxury. This new agent hub puts the network first and highlights exciting updates, events, and marketing opportunities in a clean and organized way. As a result, the Christie’s International Real Estate team is more equipped to support their growing network, and agents are more empowered to reap the benefits.