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Platform Architecture

Power your platform with scalable parts

Modern businesses run on robust digital platforms, servicing millions (or hundreds of millions) of users — and billions of transactions per day.

Postlight architects platforms for scale. We build API-first platforms to meet complicated business and data challenges for our clients. We often deliver both REST and GraphQL-based APIs, which in turn power desktop and mobile clients.

We never lose track of the end user.

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API Design

We see an API as a product that serves developers — a growth-enabling tool that makes it possible to build better products quickly. We also make maximum use of off-the-shelf solutions.

We’re experts at orchestrating multiple APIs into a single unified platform: whether Salesforce, WordPress, or Auth0.

Application Infrastructure

Modern client applications in large organizations keep growing more and more complex over time, as new frameworks and approaches are layered on top of what came before.

We help you cut through the complexity to build simple applications that work hand-in-hand with the APIs that power them. The result is an amazing and vastly simplified user experience.

Cloud Architecture and DevOps

Modern applications live in the cloud and increasingly use smart, containerized, and “serverless” architectures that are optimized for fast deployment speed and lower operating expenses. We expertly build on and deploy to a variety of cloud platforms.

This is true when we create an app with a one-size-fits-all platform like Google Firebase, and also when we deploy massive, scalable and custom APIs across many AWS services for millions of users.

Data Science

Once you measure something, you can understand it. We apply this simple principle to our product strategy and product development work daily.

We instrument applications and APIs to gather as much data as possible, and we make that data accessible and visible to all end users. We’ve never met a log file we don’t love, and we can expertly integrate mobile and desktop experiences with analytics platforms like Google analytics or Omniture.