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Software Engineering

World-class software development talent to build your product

At the core of every Postlight project is the build: the process where product design and product strategy are transformed into functional, working code. Our engineers use modern tools and techniques to manage the risks inherent in any software project. We develop collaboratively, both internally and with our client’s teams. Our goal is always to ship well: to build and deliver what we promise to the market.

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API Development

Early in API development, our team works closely with product management to outline and define the underlying data models that will form the core API. In partnership with you, important technology and platform decisions are made early. As the data and API definitions take hold, the team lays the groundwork for building. We then proceed to build.

Eventually, API 1.0 goes to production. The benchmark for this release is that a fully functional API can power the platform. Soon after, work begins on a new version of the API, carrying new features and any necessary tweaks.

Your Postlight API team is responsible for building a loosely-coupled RESTful API or GraphQL API. Sometimes we build from scratch, but just as often we work from legacy data sets or within older databases and APIs, including SOAP or XML-RPC. Our team has seen it all, from custom binary interchange formats to extremely complex ETL workflows.

Whatever the challenge, we can move legacy platforms towards modern, rational coding guidelines. The aim always is to build a human-readable, secure, and scalable API for use by multiple clients.

Mobile App Development

Postlight builds mobile apps using both native app technologies and web-first technologies. We’re masters of Objective-C and Swift on iOS, and we’ve orchestrated large, scalable Android apps as well. In addition, we’ve built multiple large platforms using React Native for iOS and Android. We know that platform well enough to know where it excels and what the risks are, too.

Our web applications are fast and responsive. They make use of the native web platform in order to create world-class experiences using open web technologies, including rich media and video playback. We’re skilled at Progressive Web Application (PWA) development, using it to ship globally available apps into environments with limited resources and across form factors.

Web Development

The practice of modern web development requires a deep understanding of a complex stack of technologies. At Postlight, that stack includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a wide range of secondary and supporting technologies that enable great web development: React, Node.js, LESS, SASS, TypeScript, and a bevy of back-end platforms.

We steadily evaluate new web technologies before bringing them into our approved stack, and we take pride in building extremely fast, write-heavy web platforms.

React Development

We’re world-class React experts and fully committed to the React ecosystem. We contribute to the community and have built large, complex software using React, Redux, React Hooks, and similar component-based virtual DOM-powered technologies.

React is complex when you’re writing large, component-based application platforms, and we’re experienced in managing and controlling that complexity. We’ve built global apps that reach millions of people using React Native on both iOS and Android.