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Product Strategy

User-focused Product Thinking

A digital product is greater than the sum of its parts. At Postlight, product management and strategy lead teams and guide decisions. We work with you to understand your goals around delivery, growth, and revenue. In partnership we define the product strategy that will meet your needs, and then some.

We delicately balance high-quality engineering, world-class design, and a relentless focus on scope management and speed. As a result, we’re known for delivering great platforms and products, on time and on budget, and ready for the marketplace.

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Competitor Analysis and User Research

Understanding the user is the first step in developing a product roadmap. We work with our stakeholders to understand their goals and share in their knowledge of customers. We study market research and review analytics from current products and web platforms.

For competitive analysis, we look closely at competitors’ paths now and over time. How do they see and serve their customers? Where are they heading? Then we conduct direct user research and often define personas. Finally, we present our findings to leadership, to build a shared understanding of exactly who our software targets and serves.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis no longer means picking a set of technologies and hoping for the best. As platforms have grown, so have third-party integrations, which allow you to extract the most value from software.

A modern application will work across an organization, providing users with the expected experience, but also link to analytics platforms, marketing automation, logistics and ERP, or CRM systems. We help you understand the entire system, and guarantee that the software we deliver proactively serves each stakeholder group and its needs.

Product Architecture

Defining a product’s architecture requires tremendous insight into user behavior, technology platforms, user experience, and front-end design. Our product managers are unique in their capacity to understand a product from the foundational code to the end-user experience, from JavaScript frameworks to font choice.

Critically, we understand where friction can enter a platform: for example, what if marketing automation software or a Salesforce integration slows down the mobile app experience? What if a website’s lack of efficient caching means that a critical global market is underserved? We are experts in defining the optimal product architecture for digital platform and product development.

Product Management

Product management drives our software effort. Our product managers are your point for any overarching questions or feedback. They are also responsible for making sure the teams are in sync and that commitments are met.

For product management, documentation is communication. Requirements and specifications are drafted so all teams can rely on them as a source of truth. Product managers will be heavily involved in API and data spec drafting, quality assurance, and user interviews and research.