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Product Design

Product design owns the entire experience for all user profiles

Beautiful products are usable products. We start by understanding your user — who they are, what they believe, and what their motivations are — then craft and refine an experience they’ll love to use. Our team explores challenges and builds solutions that are robust, flexible, and adaptive across platforms.

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Design Sprints

The Postlight Relay is a strategic design sprint that runs two weeks. You’ll work with our world-class designers and engineers. Together, we’ll build interactive prototypes and a presentation deck that brings your vision to life.

It takes ten days to bring your product strategy into focus. Your plan can be easily communicated to stakeholders, investors, and team members. Most importantly, we’ll make it buildable and find designs that work within your constraints.

User Experience Design

User experience considers the entire user journey, starting from the first interaction. We work iteratively, starting with rough sketches and ending in final, buildable design prototypes that let you explore and understand the entire user journey. By collaborating closely with our engineering teams, we make sure that what we design can be built.

We’re also experts in working from design toolkits and existing style guides. We can improve upon existing designs rather than starting from scratch. Whether building a website or mobile product, the challenge is always the same: to create an experience that is instantly accessible and empowering to new users.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is more than boxes and arrows. We consider the product as a whole, working backwards from the user’s needs and expectations. First, we structure the site taxonomy and make sure that information will be clearly presented in as few clicks as possible. We build with modular content architecture so content can be accessed easily. Our team also tackles metadata challenges to ensure that content makes sense whether it’s shared on social or reused across formats.

Web Design

Postlight has roots in web design, which means that we have a full grasp of the range of possibilities of the modern web. Whether we are designing complex web pages for global media publications or shipping fully-featured web applications using React, Vue.js, or Angular, we are committed to making every user experience valuable.

We work iteratively with engineers to grow flexible, adaptive design systems that are centered in our client’s brands and ready for expansion. We’re committed to measuring and understanding the impact of our design decisions. As a result, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the finest web design shops in the world, and we guard that reputation by ensuring that the work we do for our clients is of the best quality.

Mobile App Design

Sure, screens are small — but that doesn’t mean a mobile app design can’t be expressive, enchanting, and useful. Postlight excels at the complex craft of mobile design. We focus on simplicity above all, striving to provide the user with exactly the interface and choices that they expect.

We make sure to make use of the full platform — geolocation, sensors, and other monitoring options. On that foundation we do novel, custom design work that stands out from the crowd. Postlight’s mobile design is among the finest in the world, and not only are we honored by awards and promotion in the Apple Store, but our designers are called on to judge and evaluate mobile design contests.