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The Players’ Tribune

A Custom CRM for the World’s Greatest Athletes


Great Storytelling to Reach Millions of Fans

When the first version of The Players’ Tribune launched, it had an immediate impact. It was a new kind of publication; one that brought in-depth athlete stories to fans.

To build on this success, The Players’ Tribune approached Postlight. As a partner, we strategized how to expand even further upon the incredible reach and influence of the global athlete.

Superstar athletes aren’t typical writers. They’re global brands and businesses with a wealth of data and statistics, plus a web of relationships with agents and teams.

Postlight set out to build a custom CRM where all of this athlete data could be captured quickly, then utilized easily by the editorial team — and where content engagement statistics could be shared back with superstars.


A CRM Built to Bring Winning Content

Next we built something totally new for The Players’ Tribune editorial team: a custom relationship manager to display relevant data, statuses on stories, and dozens of additional factoids to help manage athlete contributors.

Our all-in-one CRM included:

  • Athlete biographies
  • Agent relationships
  • Endorsement deals
  • Social media presence
  • Previous contributions and publications

It provided a simple, up-to-date dashboard for planning
and organizing stories that fans would love.


An Exceptional Content Platform for Athletes and Fans

Today, The Players’ Tribune represents a different kind of content experience: deeper stories that foster a meaningful connection between athletes and fans.

By leaning on a custom CRM and an improved CMS platform, The Players’ Tribune can bring fans closer to superstars through engaging content.