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A Better Lens for the Web


Bringing the Power of Bloomberg to the Web

Few companies in the world can match Bloomberg’s breadth of knowledge around companies, business leaders, and financial markets.

The Bloomberg Terminal carries an almost mythical reputation. It is the window to a world of information, much of it not found anywhere else.

Postlight partnered with Bloomberg to attack a simple, yet challenging, goal:

How do we surface Bloomberg’s value and insights across the entire web?


Data Integration for Seamless Insights

Bloomberg Lens brings Bloomberg’s amazing data and APIs to the web.

As consumers and business executives read articles across media sites, the Google Chrome extension scans the page content for key people and companies.

Then it surfaces a rich dashboard of information instantly alongside the article.


A True Collaboration

From the outset, Postlight and Bloomberg collaborated to bridge the gap between Bloomberg’s legacy offering and how people browse online media today.

Given a schedule of a few months, we made sure we had the right structure in place to ship a working product while sticking to the Bloomberg rulebook.

At Postlight we pride ourselves on being able to navigate inside of large organizations and scale solutions. The result was a fast, engaging integration of Bloomberg’s APIs, surfaced anywhere.