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A Media Brand Built for the 21st-Century


A Platform To Power A New Kind Of Media Business

Puck launched in 2021 with an ambitious goal: Serve talent first and revolutionize the role a publisher can play.

Collaborating with Puck from its inception, Postlight set out to build a publishing and subscription platform to power a new kind of media business driven by powerful storytelling and business intelligence.

The Story Behind The Story

Aligning the Needs of Creators, Audiences, and Advertisers

Puck’s innovative approach to monetization aligns the needs of creators, audiences, and advertisers. They needed to provide not only readers with a high-end user experience, but writers and advertisers, too.

We set out to translate Puck’s vintage-inspired style to modern-day digital design, delivering revenue-driving features and business analytics hand-in-hand with storytelling tools that gave the digital content the timeless and quality feel of print.


Designing a Beautiful Foundation

Postlight designed, built, launched, and optimized the Puck platform experience into the hands of subscribers across Wall Street, Washington, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and more.

Our designers brought the allure of print to a refined web experience, through thoughtful grid breaks and visual partitions in harmony with Puck’s brand and business goals.

Architecting and 
Implementing Systems

Our engineers architected and implemented robust content management and marketing systems and secure authentication, leveraging WordPress as the CMS with a custom frontend experience.

We integrated authentication, email marketing, and newsletter tools into the core product so that readers’ experience on-site continued seamlessly into their inboxes.

We also implemented systems to process subscription payments, enable account management, and integrate performance services.

Delivering go-to-market strategy

We created and executed a robust go-to-market plan to build momentum and grow the user base, bringing in more than 3,000 users in three months upon the launch of a teaser page. After launch, we used quantitative data, coupled with user feedback, to prioritize the highest-impact initiatives.

Our Impact

175K Total newsletter
subscriber growth

60% Month over month
subscriber growth

300% Revenue growth
since launch


An Enduring Partnership,
Built on Trust

Postlight is proud to continue working side-by-side with Puck as their product and development partner. We’re eager to launch new features and expand Puck’s offerings into new distribution channels and audiences.