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A Secure Multi-Disease Messaging Platform for Patients and Caregivers


Filling a Gap to Fulfill Lives

Before TransplantLyfe and IBDLyfe, there was a lack of safe, inclusive community platforms for people living with chronic disease. Several groups bootstrapped on Facebook, Instagram, and in Twitter hashtags. But these social platforms make it difficult to find and connect with others. They also harbor bad actors who foster toxicity. Even with workarounds, they are far from an ideal, fully-functional way to forge friendly, lasting community bonds.

Lyfebulb engaged Postlight to provide strategy, design, and development of TransplantLyfe and IBDLyfe, where patients and caretakers can make connections, find support, and share experiences. Postlight built the core platform to support both of these sites, and additional chronic disease communities in the future. Along with peer-to-peer connectivity, the sites feature Q&A forums, motivational stories, validated resources, and a tool to track personal health metrics.


Combining Community and Healthcare Expertise

Postlight’s deep understanding of community product design and aesthetics, combined with Lyfebulb’s endless knowledge of the healthcare industry and transplant process, allowed us to move quickly to create an empathetic and inclusive experience for members of the transplant community. Crucially, we knew from the start that we had to build a platform to meet all HIPAA-compliant security and privacy standards.


Hitting the Ground Sprinting

Our engagement began with a Relay — Postlight’s take on a design sprint. Spread over two weeks, we worked with stakeholders at Lyfebulb to identify the problem and ideate solutions. The first week concluded with two polished clickable prototypes, which represented two of the site’s main pillars. We spent the second week usability testing both prototypes, to validate our decisions and gather feedback from users.


A Positive Outlook

The result is a platform built to serve community connections on multiple levels. TransplantLyfe and IBDLyfe users participate in community forums to share their experiences and receive feedback. The platform also matches patients and caregivers with people like themselves, offering a safe and secure messaging platform to make one-on-one connections. Lastly, TransplantLyfe and IBDLyfe hold a space for personal notes for patients to track their symptoms from diagnosis through recovery.