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Goldman Sachs

Delivering Tomorrow’s Trading Platform


A Generational Leap

Since the advent of electronic trading, the tools and capabilities made available to traders have been limited and confined to the desktop.

Goldman Sachs’ Marquee group had a clear mandate: to conceive and deliver a lightweight, modern trading platform and offer access to Goldman’s world-class trading services to external customers for the first time ever.


Power and Flexibility

We worked with the Marquee team to define a digital product strategy that would expose a powerfully diverse set of trading capabilities and insights. We gave traders both speed and flexibility: Our tabular design allowed them to see the best price instantly, but also expand two additional data levels to explore the option of alternate execution strategies.

We designed and built algorithmic trading capabilities from the ground up within Marquee. Our tabular design allowed a high-volume of data to be understood and evaluated quickly.

Our team brought immense depth of information in a beautiful package. The Enhance Liquidity Portal offered layered views of assets: across multiple exchanges, year ranges, blended views, and market midpoints in commodity ladders.


Learn, Design, Present, Discuss, Repeat

The professional day trader is one of the most complex and demanding users. We knew we must provide designs for feedback quickly. After a series of meetings in which we absorbed the needs and usage patterns of traders, we embarked on a highly iterative design process.

In close collaboration with the Marquee design team, we created and presented interactive prototypes that became launchpads for discussion and iteration. This tight feedback loop enabled us to clearly speak in the visual language of users.

Once design solidified, we partnered with the Marquee engineering team to bring designs to life. Working closely with their engineers, we shipped a high-speed trading platform built on modern technologies.


High-Powered Trading for the Modern Age

The new Marquee platform sets the standard for modern, intelligent fintech trading tools. The final experience is simple to use, yet represents a major leap forward in algorithmic trading. Our engineers and designers found creative ways to offer incredible depth of information on a compact dashboard, speeding up buying analysis at scale.

And by migrating from a native to web-based solution, we brought a high-powered trading platform to the modern age.