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Rich Ziade


Rich Ziade is a noted leader in the New York City technology community and a globally recognized product leader. In 2004, Rich founded Arc90, which quickly grew to become a large digital technology services firm known for its ability to build powerful, scalable web platforms. Arc90 under Rich was a devoted practitioner of standards-based, API-driven, highly-interactive product and platform development at a time when most websites were static.

In 2013, Arc90 was acquired by SFX, a global media and entertainment firm, to serve as the product and technology group inside of SFX. Rich, serving as Chief Product Officer, built and managed a 150-person product team to design, engineer, and ship a massive digital music platform called Beatport that featured direct-to-consumer music consumption, analytics, custom content management, and licensing and rights management, as well as a professional suite of services for music producers that managed millions of tracks for purchase and remixing.

In addition to building products for clients, Arc90 was also an early digital product incubator, launching tools like Kindling, an idea-management tool for large organizations with hundreds of enterprise customers that spun off into a 15-person startup before its acquisition by Spigit in 2017, and Readability, a hybrid open-source/API service to make web pages readable — that became an essential component of the web’s architecture.

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