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Provide a complete digital ecosystem for celebrating listeners, labels, and artists.

We built an entire platform for a community of electronic music lovers—fans, DJs, industry professionals. Live concert video coverage? Free music streaming on the web, iOS, and Android? Tight integration with a decade-old music store? The world’s best REST and Search API for the indie electronic music catalogue? Yes, we built all that and more.

Here comes the drop

When SFX first approached us to help develop their new vision for Beatport, the product was limited to an online store used by DJs and industry professionals. SFX wanted to reimagine the Beatport brand from top to bottom, aiming at a wider audience of new fans of electronic music as well as the professional market.

For consumers, a lifelong experience

First, we developed a strategy. SFX wanted to connect music fans to artists—leading up to a festival and beyond—to develop lifelong fans. How can festival attendees use Beatport to discover new music, find festivals and shows near them, and even connect with DJs and other listeners around the world?

Measure twice, code once

Postlight created an integrated suite of products under the umbrella of a completely reinvented Beatport identity. and its iOS and Android apps made it easy for users to satisfy all their music needs with one electronic music platform, including listening to music, creating playlists, finding out about shows, and buying tickets.

Pro tools for creators

We also introduced Beatport Pro, a faster, responsive redesign of the original Beatport store. With a mobile-first design strategy, Beatport Pro became the key resource for music industry professionals and listeners to buy tracks and stems. The curation team tailored both Beatport and Beatport Pro to showcase new music, releases, and news for each genre by audience. We built a CMS that could power regular updates and customization.

Video for everyone

Beatport Live rounded out the complete suite of products with a video streaming platform. Festivals, venues, and bedroom DJs around the world were able to spread their content further on Beatport Live, as well reaching target audiences through strategic partnerships.