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How does Postlight tackle security challenges? This week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade begin the episode with takeaways from the Apple iPhone announcement (which they had not yet heard at the time of recording) before diving into a wide-ranging discussion on digital security, from personal worries to the Equifax breach to the steps they take as a company to ensure clients’ data safety. They then tell the story of the first $20 Postlight ever made — a tale about infidelity, large datasets,, and a trio of guys who had definitely been up to no good.


[Paul and Rich react to the new iPhone announcement — in advance]

Rich: Phone’s coming out. Well first off, I can’t believe they came out with a nine-inch phone.

Paul: It’s gonna be more camera, right?

Rich: No, but did you expect it to be as long as a loaf of bread?

Paul: No, I didn’t. I didn’t. But it’s worth the $13,000 to me, because it’s the primary device that I use every day.

Rich: I mean…and the fact that it can roll up into your pocket, and then just sort of unfurl on the train.

Paul: I’m just really glad, finally, that Apple has acknowledged that they’ve turned my hands into immobilized claws, and so the device really works well just by me hitting it with the back of my hand, or with my face.

Rich: I’m gonna keep names extremely anonymous here. I’m not even gonna use names. I’m gonna say my friend Toby.

Paul: Your friend Toby, who works in a civic capacity.

Rich: In a civic capacity, called me up and said, “Rich, I think you know the dark web, right?”

Paul: That’s a great question. [laughter]

Rich: Now mind you, there is no doubt in my mind that Toby has no idea what the dark web is.

Paul: Mmmm hmmm.

Rich: And I said, “Mmmm…Toby, what’s going on?” [laughter]

Paul: I’ve known a of people who do a lot of different kinds of things. But this was the portrait of dudes who’d gotten up to no good. [laughter]

Rich: Essentially standing there —

Paul: I don’t think I’d ever seen a set of dudes who’d just simply gotten up to no good and were red-handed.