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This week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade reflect on the iPhone’s 10-year anniversary, discussing everything from Steve Jobs to Apple’s evolution to the future of smartphones to how Jony Ive uses a microwave. Then they debut a new segment, “Can I Tell You?!?” where they complain about things that frustrate them. In this week’s installment, they get out all their feelings about kombucha, the always-broken Google Inbox, and Adobe’s Creative Cloud.


Paul: I feel that Jony Ive, at this point, is just someone who reads the periodic table of the elements. [laughter] He’s just like —

Rich: Just running down the list?

Paul: “It’s a hydrogen-based — ”

Rich: Xanthium….

Paul: “An ionized uranium eyeball cover.”

Rich: The accent…

Paul: Yeah, yeah, he’s got that strong British accent.

Rich: You just feel like a filthy animal, watching and listening to him, right? He’s got the British accent, everything is in white. It’s heaven. Heaven. It’s filmed in heaven.

Paul: I don’t assume Jony Ive has a house. I assume he lives in a large white expanse, where everything is rotating at all times. It’s really hard for the guy, because he’s got to put his food in the microwave plate is spinning, the whole microwave is spinning. Everything’s on a pedestal. [laughter]

Rich: So the new iPhone’s coming.

Paul: Oh, who cares?

Rich: No, it’s gonna have —

Paul: [vague mocking sound]

Rich: Ten years in…who knows what the next ten will bring?

Paul: Well…

Rich: I don’t think there’s a phone, in ten years. I think it’s just your hand.

Paul: Yeah, or a bracelet.

Rich: No. God.

Paul: Could be two bracelets.

Rich: Imagine we’re reading our hands on the train?

Paul: Yeah, I can easily imagine that.

Rich: There’s just fists, up in the air. [laughter]