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Shipping Software Can Be Fun: This week, Paul Ford and Rich Ziade tell us about the new SHIP IT! game, created by Postlight. The game simulates the process of making software, so they play a round to talk about blockers that slow us down, the drivers that move us forward, and how to ship successfully.

This podcast was recorded at a live event we hosted to celebrate the launch of the game. If you would like your own deck to play or display, request it here. We’ll keep shipping them out as long as supplies last!


4:00 — Paul: “[Product Management] is kind of the uber topic of our existence: How do we get these things shipped? We might know how to engineer, we might know how to design, but putting it all together and getting it out into the world is hard as hell.”

9:34 — Paul: “That looks like someone who can ship a process, we need someone who can ship a product.”

10:22 — Rich: “There’s nothing more effective than two or three people in Slack, beating the shit out of a problem. Meetings suck.”

11:25 — Rich: “This is about leadership stepping in and giving you advice because they just read a thing in Fortune.”

11:39 — Rich: “There is an art in responding to a leader and getting them to go away.”

15:18 — Rich: “Paranoia is very, very powerful.”

19:29 — Paul: “Even in success, you’re going to find failure.”