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Emoji Speak: Images, Culture, and Communication

Language is changing and it's getting weird.

October 4, 2018 | Postlight

Event Recap

We were thrilled to team up with Creative Mornings to host our very first Field Trip event. We love how Creative Mornings enables learning and community, and especially the idea of breakfast events. So, we invited a small group of dedicated, creative professionals to Postlight HQ one Thursday morning to learn how emoji are changing the way we talk to one another, and try making our own.

First, Skyler Balbus, Director of Product Design and Postlight’s resident emoji expert, gave a brief talk on the history of emoji, the Unicode Consortium, and why image-based representation and communication matters to both macro- and microcultures. (We also learned that the Postlight team has created over 750 custom Slack emoji ?.)

Skyler’s presentation was followed by hands-on IRL emoji workshop time. We paired up into small groups to discuss and build our own new emoji using serious, grown-up materials such as construction paper, googly eyes, metallic crayons, and glitter glue. After a lot of sketching and scissor-cutting, we went around and shared our emoji creations with the whole group. Some of our favorites included avocado toast, awkward turtle, and everything is FINE.

At least one of them made it into our custom Slack library. Next stop: Unicode?