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Natalie Kurz

Director, Head of Product Design

Natalie Kurz has been advocating for users for more than 22 years as an accomplished design leader, strategist, and writer. She joined Postlight in 2022 as a Director and Head of Product Design and drives innovation through thoughtful, inclusive, and well-crafted digital solutions.

Drawing from her interviewing skills as a journalist, Natalie leads with empathy to solve design challenges, meet user needs, and build team trust. She’s created best-in-class product, software, and mobile experiences for companies like State Farm, Audi, Canon, Budweiser, Purina, and Express-Scripts.

Prior to joining Postlight, Natalie spent 7 years dedicated to improving how the government serves the public. She worked as an innovation fellow at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where she improved beneficiary experiences at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and helped refine the U.S. Web Design System, making it easier to build accessible, mobile-friendly government websites.

When she’s not working or eating ice cream, you can find her onstage singing and dancing, binge-watching epic fantasies with her family, collecting Funko Pops figures, playing fetch with her cat, or seeing how many Chrome tabs she can keep open at once.

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